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Friday, 4 July 2014

Faster Better and Stronger

My band Alter Ego was recently booked to perform at the 30th Anniversary celebrations for iconic 80s TV series Robin Of Sherwood (remember when it was the law to love the Hooded Men Michael Praed & Jason Connery?) and I wanted something new and green (the green bit was particularly important, obviously) to wear for such a cool gig.

This beautiful Karen Millen shift dress, in the brands signature stretch fabric, was perfect! A figure caressing style that sculpts a flawless silhouette, the dress features sexy cut-outs at the shoulders, zip closure to the back and a stunning, dramatic splash print (in green) that I knew would stand out on stage. Such a stunning dress deserved equally stunning accessories so I styled it with classic Christian Louboutin peep-toe shoes and a statement clutch bag from Kiwi Designer Karen Walker.

Karen Walker's Fall 2014 collection was inspired by the way New Zealand's Suffragettes printed their messages on dresses, bags and even on money; making a statement without having to say a word. The limited edition 100% leather clutches read “Young Willing and Eager”, “Hello and Goodbye”, “Liberal Miserable and Cynical" & “Faster Better and Stronger”. I chose the latter slogan as it struck a chord with me and perfectly describes the me I am today. I am faster. I am better. I am stronger.

The outfit was perfect for the Robin Of Sherwood gig; comfortable, green (the important bit) and a little bit sexy. We played our way through two energetic sets, watching actors I adored as a youngster and so many of their wonderful, enthusiastic fans dancing to our music all night long. It was wonderful; the trippiest gig ever! As Robin and his Merries would say, "Nothing's forgotten, nothing is ever forgotten".

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