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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Live It, Love It, Tie Dye It

Tie dye, dip dye, ombré; I never know if it is 'in' or not, if it's a 'thing' or not. It isn't a trend I check. I just love it, so I wear it regardless. I'm a bit of a Hippie at heart, this has always influenced how I dress and there is something intrinsically 'Hippie' about tie dye.

This Zara shirt is my idea of ombré heaven; just two beautiful colours, blended and shaded to perfection on a sheer, Summery fabric. The shirt was a complete sellout a couple of seasons ago and I had to wait until this Summer to finally get my hands on it via eBay. It was definitely worth the long wait and I even got over my cringy 'thing' about wearing secondhand clothes for it.

You may remember that I have been searching for a new pair of white denim shorts (blogged here). Well, I actually found the perfect pair, in fact I found two perfect pairs, one from H&M and this cute pair by Etoile Isabel Marant. The 'Britanny' shorts have the low-rise I find so necessary in shorts, jeans, trousers and skirts (I have a short body you see. Long legs for a short girl, but a short body nonetheless). They are a light-weight, stretchy denim and have very striking red & blue stitching on all seams.

I finished my look off with my still relatively new, still utterly adored Ash boots. Such a great buy, I'll be wearing these beauties well into Autumn/Winter!

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