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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Love Wins

"Keep on dreaming of the day when it all will change
Believe in the end, love wins
If you're waiting for the time when your sun will shine
Oh, look above 'cause love wins"
~ Robbie Seay Band

Dawn O'Porters' BOBbyDOP brand is a wonderful collection of cool designs & amazing vintage finds. It is fast becoming my go-to place for vintage and vintage inspired clothing (blogged here).

BOB's gorgeous new 'Equality Collection', consists of four limited edition pieces, featuring three prints by artist Karen Mabon. All three prints are beautiful and funny, but they also carry a serious message. As Dawn herself says, "Vintage fashion history is all about revolutions, and clothes representing what was going on for women at the time. Our prints look fantastic, but they also have a lot to say".

The print on the 'Women are Boss' 80s inspired dress, is an ode to women at the top, and hard working mums everywhere. The 70s inspired 'Boys Toys' circle skirt playfully raises two fingers to the gender specific toy industry, and the 'Love Wins' shirt and leggings print is a celebration of love; all kinds of love, between all kinds of people, and pays homage to the wonderful progression of marriage equality.

My favourite piece from the collection is the 'Love Wins' Shirt. A gorgeous 60s inspired design, it has a cute Peter Pan collar, quirky love heart buttons, and is made (in England) from Cupro, an eco friendly fabric that mimics silk but is machine washable. The vibrant Karen Mabon print, set against a cream background, features couples of all shapes, sizes, creeds, colour, sexes and even species. It is a true celebration of love in its many different forms.

As the lovely folk at BOB say, "fashion is politics, wear how you feel".

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