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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Girl In Purple Dress

"Girl in purple dress, you are thin.
Skin, white yet fogging blue,
like the shadow, of the Moons glow, on the back porch,
where a Spanish uno rosa, is pink petal-less.
Girl thin moonshine purple dress,
you are the winter abandoned rose,
which I still reminisce,
just like sidewalks, roads, and windows, do, after it rains"
~ Savio

Purple is my favourite colour. Sitting between red and blue on the colour spectrum, it symbolises magick, mystery, spirituality, the sub-conscious, creativity, dignity, and royalty. It is said that if you surround yourself with purple, you will have peace of mind, so today I am literally wrapping myself up in this gorgeous, opulent colour!

I'm wearing Gucci. Purple Gucci. I am wearing the purple Gucci dress of dreams, and it really doesn't get much better than that in my little fashion world. A very beautiful, wonderfully chic lady gave me this dress. I'm lucky enough to be the same size as her, and I am so happy to become the next part of the story of this stunning piece.

Made from a silk jersey material, the dress features long sleeves, a gold zip to the back, and soft draping and ruching that will flatter any figure. The front frill and deep V-neckline immediately elongate a shorter frame, and the perfectly placed brooch detail draws eyes to a sexy flash of cleavage. A nude pair of heels adds length to tanned legs, and an oversized clutch in the same flesh coloured tone finishes this glamorous look off to perfection.

Get The Look:
Dress: Vintage Gucci Drapped Dress in purple (similar here and here)

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