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Friday, 12 January 2018

Bird Of Paradise

“Saw you flying by
Flash of Turquoise Blue
I just had to try
To keep your life in view
My bird of paradise
Sweet bird of paradise”
~ Snowy White

This gorgeous dress was a Christmas present from some very special people. And what a gift! Casual and chic, the luxe linen dress is embroidered with pretty flowers, and embellished with tiny beads and sequins in pale blues and golds, that perfectly compliment the sage green colour. It's a classic shirt style, with a detachable string belt that is finished off with fun, handmade tassels.

It's a beauty alright, and the perfect outfit to wear in breathtakingly beautiful Bahamas, where we enjoyed a very magical Christmas. I wore my dress strolling on golden sandy beaches, paddling in turquoise seas, and eating in exquisite restaurants, and I will wear it every time we return to the Bahamas.

The brand, Calypso St Barth, is new to me, but has for over 20 years been the hottest Resort-wear retailer on the planet. God knows how I missed it, but miss it I did. Better late than never though, right? Wrong. Here's the catch - Calypso St Barth has literally just gone out of business, and are, as we speak, dying an unfashionable death in the bankruptcy court. The only good thing to come from this is that they are currently selling what remains of their stock with 40-50% discounts (only in store - unfortunately their website appears to be down as far as online shopping is concerned). So, I shall be seeking out my nearest Calypso store asap, and stocking up on all the classic pieces I'm hoping they still have in stock!

RIP Calypso, I might not have known you for long, but I will be wearing you for a lifetime.

Get The Look:
Dress: Calypso St Barth ‘Ditara’ Embellished Linen Tunic Dress (similar)
Photos: Jason Connery ©

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