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Hi! I'm Fiona, an Irish girl living in the UK. Lead singer in rock/pop band Alter Ego, I have a passion for fashion and great music! I own far too many clothes and some very cool photographers take photos of me wearing them all! I hope my blog reaches people who share my obsession with fashion, style and beautiful things! Thanks for stopping by! Fx

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Flowers In My Hair

Rock ‘N Rose is a British vintage-inspired jewellery brand that has quickly gained a huge following amongst celebrities, fashionistas and retailers around the world. They say their typical customer is "part vicar’s daughter, part rebel without a cause. Jewellery and headwear by Rock ‘N Rose is for the pure girl with a punk heart".

I fell in love with 'Beatrice', their oversized floral crown; it is absolutely stunning, featuring seven oversized red roses sitting on a braided vine crown. The crown measures 58cm and can be gently shaped to fit any head. A black ribbon tie is included to secure the crown in place.

The language of flowers goes back thousands of years and today flowers are still worn for Weddings, Festivals and traditional Spring and Harvest celebrations all over the world. And in my case, for a very special photoshoot; I felt like an ethereal Woodland Nymph in my beautiful floral crown!

"Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair" - Susan Polis Shutz.

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  2. Thanks Chloe! I'll pop along and check your Blog out pronto! xx