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Hi! I'm Fiona, an Irish girl living in the UK. Lead singer in rock/pop band Alter Ego, I have a passion for fashion and great music! I own far too many clothes and some very cool photographers take photos of me wearing them all! I hope my blog reaches people who share my obsession with fashion, style and beautiful things! Thanks for stopping by! Fx

Friday, 29 June 2012

Quick As A Cat

A Yo! Sushi restaurant has just opened near where I live; I cannot even tell you how happy this makes me as I LOVE sushi and up to now Hubby & I have had to travel quite a distance to get to our nearest Sushi restaurant! This fact, combined with the elusive British Summer sun making a very welcome appearance, made for a fantastic night out with lovely friends!

For our first evening at our new local Yo! Sushi I went for a comfortable, simple Summer look. I wore a fantastic pair of Charley 5.0 leopard print denim running style shorts. I bought these in two different sizes (from The Raw Denim Bar) as they can be styled completely differently depending on the fit. 

I paired them with a very cool Zoe Tees vintage t-shirt in ivory from Donna Ida, who have the best selection of t-shirts you'll ever find under one roof. I love the sexy cut out detail on the shoulder of this great tee, it makes a very casual piece feel a little bit more glamorous. To add a slightly more dressed up feel I added my favourite studded Christian Louboutin shoes.

I then proceeded to eat my body weight in sushi (thank goodness for an elasticated waistband!) and a top night was had by all!

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  1. You have one hell of a wardrobe and such a good eye for putting things together! Those shoes are beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much Lana, such a sweet thing to say! xx