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Monday, 3 February 2014

Sindy Disco Pants

These amazing gold trousers, designed by Natalie B Coleman, caused such a stir in Ireland when beautiful Sharon Corr wore them on TV's The Voice Of Ireland (styled by super-stylist to the stars Ingrid Hoey). 'Gold Trouser-Gate' featured in every newspaper & magazine and social media sites went into meltdown discussing them. The story was huge, so much so that Sharon has subsequently framed her fabulous trousers & hung them on a wall in her home!

People either loved or loathed the golden trousers. I loved them and I still can't believe it's taken me so long to get a pair! I have them now though so all is well in my little fashion bubble.

The very aptly named 'Sindy Disco Pants' are definitely not for the faint hearted; in a fabulous, metallic gold they are a statement piece with a capital S. They feature two side pockets, a low rise waist, upturns and a front zip & slide fastner. I can imagine a cool, rock & roll 70s chick wearing them at Studio 54. They don't need accessory-overkill or blingtastic tops or indeed anything to distract from them. Is there anything that could distract from them? I don't think so.

I styled my pair with another great Natalie B Coleman piece, the cool, asymmetrical Ostrich Head top (also blogged here). A simple pair of black shoes completed my outfit and off I went for a curry night with my Husband and a group of our friends. The trousers caused a bit of a stir in the restaurant where one woman asked if she could touch them! I actually let her!! I might have to buy myself a pretty frame and follow Sharon's artistic lead!

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