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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Camouflage: Parisian Style

What can I say about this outfit? It is 100% me, my favourite kind of laid back Summery look. Even better, it was a late, very unexpected extra birthday present from my lovely Husband! It was my birthday last weekend & to say it wasn't the happiest birthday ever would be something of an understatement. From rowing with a friend on the day to my birthday present not arriving on time to getting the worst bout of stomach flu ever, it was a disaster! Birthday days & nights out fell by the wayside as I took to my bed and coughed, sneezed & puked my way through a rather miserable week. When I finally recovered and ventured out into the world again, an impromptu trip to Westfield Shopping Mall in London resulted in this wonderful surprise birthday present!

The camouflage shirt, in an unexpected shade of blue rather than the traditional camouflage green, and the blue crepe shorts are both from cool Parisian label Maje. Created for a woman who is "a lover of bohemian, feminine fashion", me & Maje are a match made in fashion heaven! The shorts and shirt look great together and each piece will go with dozens of other bits and pieces in my wardrobe.

I styled my Maje gifts with a pair of masculine brogues from ASOS. They add a playful, gamine look to the outfit, which I really like. I am almost always in towering heels, at 4 foot 11 inches I need all the help I can get, but the classic brogue deserves a place in every girls wardrobe; they are comfy, practical and a much cooler alternative to the ballet pump.

And so you see, in the end, thanks to my wonderful Husband I actually had the happiest late birthday ever; and it's still going strong! Happy birthday to meeeee!!

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